Humanities’ Fairytales “…so grab your wands, dust off your crowns and let’s get this thing started!”

On Friday evening at 7pm in the Aula, a large audience of parents and students were led by presenters, Hendrik Wulf and Constantin Slevogt into the fairytale world of the Humanities Profile.

This was the 21st century world of multimedia where Red Riding Hood’s grandma (Blanca Vespermann)  is digitally conned out of her life-savings by  “bank advisor” Mr Hendrik Wolf, Hans in -or rather out of- Luck (Cajus Eichler) loses his job at a record lable and goes on a disasterous spending spree, Cinderella- or -eli (Constantin Slevogt) is forbidden by his father (Liam Becker) to enter the online Oxford University Essay Writing Competition and Snow White (Aliza Klußmann) suffers under the online hate comments instigated by jealous Queen B. (Amelie Midding). And of course they all lived happily ever after: Mr Wolf is unmasked and arrested, Hans discovers true happiness is to be found by trusting his songwriting talent, Cinder-eli wins his scholarship to Oxford and Snow White meets a prince in the real world who values her for her smartness.

Through improvisation, audience participation and the use of digital media, Mrs Kumpfert’s S4 English Drama course gave the audience an evening to remember.


Cheryl Kumpfert
(Theatre Teacher)